Try out one of our land based Group Exercise Classes. These classes are led by trained instructors, and attended by members looking to make friends, laugh, and sweat. Join a new class today!



ADRENALINE: Get your heart pumping in this high impact class! Increase endurance with cardio exercises and shape your body with strength training. This class has it all, from weights and butt blasting to cardio, kickboxing, and more.

BARRE:  Total body toning and sculpting using little-to-no weight and is great for any fitness level!

BODY SCULPT: Improve your strength, tone your muscles, and boost your metabolism in this great full body workout! Class utilizes a variety of equipment from week to week, such as hand weights, resistance bands, step, and more.

BOOTCAMP: Join us in this low-impact, high-results circuit training workout. Goal is to keep heart rate in the fat burning zone while keeping muscles toned.

CARDO CUT: Get shredded by burning fat and building muscle with this full-body workout that utilizers High Intensity Interval Training, as well as the strength and toning of Power Cut. 

CARDIO MIX: Enjoy a variety of formats each week in this fun cardio class! Class formats include floor aerobics, kickboxing, cardio intervals, step drills, BOSU cardio, and tabata.

CORE & STRETCH: Exercises that will strengthen your abs and back, followed by deep stretching of the whole body.

CYCLE: Join us for an amazing ride in our 24-bike cycling studio. Follow your instructor through a high-impact ride through fun climbs, sprints, and more. **Evening classes require participants to reserve bikes at the front desk.

DEEP STRETCH: Stretch your muscles for a nice workout.

DEEP RELAXATION:  Both physical and mental techniques are combined to ease the body/mind into a pleasant, refreshing state of deep relaxation.

FIT & FABULOUS: Low impact and easy on the joints, but incorporates an aerobic workout with strength training. Designed for all fitness enthusiasts, novice or experienced.

FIT FIT ALL: Strength training for ALL fitness levels.  In this class, you'll use hand weights, body weight exercises, and other methods to improve tone, strength, and flexibility. 

KETTLEBELL: Train your muscles and your heart in this class using...kettlebells! Kettlebells fire up more muscles, burn calories, & improves posture and daily activity movements.

KICKBOXING: Full-body low-impact cardio conditioning workout including punches, knee lifts, and a variety of kicks.

LINE DANCING: Not only is this fun, but a great way to exercise! No partner needed!

MIX IT UP: Do a little bit of everything in this class. Mix up your workout using body weight, light weights, exercise balls, and more! Low to intermediate level class for all levels.

MUSCLE CONDITIONING: Strengthen and sculpt your body.

PILATES: A core-centered workout that increases flexibility, improves posture, and tones the body.

PiYo: A high-intensity, low-impact workout for a new kind of strong! Combines muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of pilates with the strength and flexibility of flowing yoga moves.

POWER CUT: Full-body strength training class that shapes and tones your body from head to toe using hand weights, medicine balls, body weight, and more!

REFIT®: An inspired by faith workout and total fitness experience. A movement set to music and incorporates cardio, balance, flexibility, and toning. REFIT® is for everybody and every type of BODY. Whatever fitness level you are at, REFIT® is for you! Are you ready to join the revolution?

R.I.P.P.E.D: Resistance, Interval, Power, Plyometrics, Endurance, & Diet will get you toned, tightened, and feeling your best!  This class is the perfect blend of strength, cardio, and endurance.

SILVER SNEAKERS: Active older adults will have fun doing a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of motion, and activities in your daily life.

BOOM: BOOM Muscle & Move It combines strength, endurance, and cardio with 60's-90's music. Includes modifications for either high or low impact moves.

S/SNEAKERS STABILITY: Designed to help you become stronger and improve balance.

S/SNEAKERS YOGA: Chair-based yoga to help with balance, muscular endurance, and mind-body connection.

STRETCH & TONE: Low intensity, low impact class that gives active you the cardio, strength training and stretching they needs. Also good for anyone just starting out or just starting back.

TAI CHI: Involves a series of movements performed in a slow, focused manner and accompanied by deep breathing. This class is great for balance, strength, stress relief, & more!

YOGA: Gain strength, stamina, and balance as you control your mind, body, and breath through a series of poses and stretches.

  • YOGA 101: Intro class to yoga. Learn how poses work and pull it all together.
  • YOGA 2: Intermediate class where participants move from pose to pose for a total workout.
  • SR .YOGA: Chair-based class for active older adults.
  • SPECIAL POPULATIONS: A chair and mat-based class for those with physical and/or cognitive disabilities and their caregivers.

ZUMBA®: Ditch the workout, join the party! Join us for a fun, full-body workout with international dance music.

  • STRONG by ZUMBA: Combines muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometrics training synced to original music.
  • ZUMBA GOLD: Lower-impact Zumba excellent for heart health. For all ages and abilities.
  • ZUMBA for ALL: A Zumba party open to kids and adults!
  • ZUMBA TONING: Use weights to tone and sculpt your muscles